We want you to be involved.

Our volunteers are the ones that make our services so great! We want you to be involved. Our goal is for you to Worship 1 Serve 1. That means you come worship in one service and serve in the other.


The Worship Experience is a vital part of our Sunday Mornings. The musicians aren't the only ones on this team. This includes many people behind the scenes running cameras, the soundboard, and the lights.


Our First Impressions team are the first people a guest sees when they get to the church. We want every guest to feel welcome, and we work hard to provide an experience they want to come back to.


Family is so important to us. Our volunteers in the Kid's Ministry create an environment where kids have fun and learn. At the same time, the parents can trust that their child is safe while they are there.


The transition from child to adult is so important. On Wednesday Nights we connect with teens and teach them life lessons that they will apply for the rest of their lives.