Sunday                                           Wednesday

First Service - 9:30 am                                     6:30 pm

Second Service - 10:45 am



This year we want to grow our faith. In this sermon series we kick off our yearly fast and we talk about what it means to grow with God.

Pt. 4 Grounded Series Pt. 4 Grounded

What keeps us from growing with God? How can we promote growth in our lives?…

Pt. 3 Life Giving Series Pt. 3 Life Giving

In this sermon Pastor Rodney talks about the life giving process. If God's…

Pt. 2 Cravings Series Pt. 2 Cravings

In this Sermon Pastor Rodney talks about the craving we have spiritually…

Pt. 1 Uprooting Strongholds Series Pt. 1 Uprooting Strongholds

In this message Pastor Rodney talks about the strongholds in our lives.…