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Various part 2 Series Various part 2

We need grace in times of need. We also need to learn to extend…

Conflicting part 1 Series Conflicting part 1

Learn about having faith while dealing with your present reality.

For the Love of the Game Series For the Love of the Game

The type of athlete that Pastor Rodney loves to watch athletes…

America's Pastime Series America's Pastime

We should use our God given gifts to glorify Him. As Christians,…



Different can be dangerous. Join us for this series as we dive into a study of the book of Peter. Let's talk about being Christians in a anti-Christian…

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Pastor Rodney uses baseball to create modern day parables to teach the truth about God and the Word.



Mission 14:23


Connect Fair Spring 2017

In this Sermon Pastor Rodney talks about the importance of connection with others.

Hope Knows Your Name

In this series Pastor Rodney discusses anxiety and depression. What can we do with our spiritual lives to helps us overcome our circumstances?

What a Beautiful Name

In this series Pastor Rodney talks about the power of the name of Jesus.

Mathew Price

In this sermon, Mathew Price talks about his trip to South Sudan and the need that he saw there.


In this Sermon Pastor Rodney reminisces on his friend, Jimmy Murcks, who had recently passed away. What can we learn from Jimmy's life? Can we have hope…


What are the things that are keeping you from hearing God? What is the Noise in your life? In this series Pastor Rodney discusses why fasting is so important…


In this Sermon Pastor Rodney talks about the Pilgrim's vision for a new home with Christian ideals being upheld. With the decline of Christianity in this…

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

In this series Pastor Rodney talks about self image versus God image. If you are to love your neighbor as yourself, you first must love who you are. How…

Friends Don't Let Friends Do Life Alone

In this series Pastor Rodney talks about how friendship has changed over the last decade. How important is friendship in your walk with God?

The Only Thing That Counts

In this series, Pastor Rodney talks about the only thing that counts. What is the thing that is so important about Jesus' message?

The End

In this sermon Pastor Rodney ponders on the state of our country. Should we worry about our future? How should we view the changes around us?

I am

In this sermon Pastor Rodney talks about Moses and the insecurities that he faced. Are we insecure like Moses was? If so, how can God use us?

Are You Out of Your Mind?

In this Series, Pastor Rodney challenges us to some bold ways of thinking. Will people think we are crazy? Yes. Is that okay? Yes.

The Way

In this Easter Series we go back to the beginning of the Christian movement. What can we learn from the Acts Church? What are some of the principles that…

Special Guests

Our spectrum of Special Guests is almost as colorful as the congregation itself.

Who You Talking To?

In this sermon Pastor Rodney talks to himself. What are the benefits to talking to yourself? What happens when you stop talking to yourself?


In this sermon, Pastor Rodney talks about how we perceive ourselves. Are you a grasshopper? Or are you going to eat the grapes God has for you?

Connection Groups Spring 2015

This spring we have a great group of connection groups that you will want to check out. In this series Pastor Rodney talks about the benefits of connections…


In this message, Pastor Rodney talks about God's glory. What does the bible say about God's glory? How should this effect the way we think about God?


This year we want to grow our faith. In this sermon series we kick off our yearly fast and we talk about what it means to grow with God.

The Erosion of Christianity in America

In this Sermon Series, Pastor Rodney discusses the changes in America's view and acceptance of Christianity.

Down And Distance

In football down and distance tells you everything about your chances of being successful. In life how do you view your chances of being successful? How…

Room to Breathe

Room to Breathe is our year long effort to reduce our personal debt. Throughout the year of 2014 we will revisit this debt and see how much we have paid…


A study of 7 miracles in the book of John. These 7 acts teach us how to increase in different areas of our lives.

Games People Play

Love to play game? Love watching tv game shows? In this series Pastor Rodney uses popular games shows to talk about truths in our lives.

A Godly Leader

A special Father's Day message by Pastor Rodney Davis about the fathers role as a leader.

June 16, 2013

I have Had Enough

We learn about not giving up during disappointment and seeing God in the little things.


There are a lot of big issues out there. How can we move forward past these issues?


We go back and revisit some of Pastor Rodney's biggest hits. You don't want to miss this.