Sunday                                           Wednesday

First Service - 9:30 am                                     6:30 pm

Second Service - 10:45 am

2B1 (2 be 1) - Eric and Erin McGuyer

Newly married couples (with or without children) bible study to help align their marriages with biblical examples as laid out in scripture.

Meeting times TBA.

Cell 205.999.6015   Email

Cell 205.999.6016  Email


Been There Bunch - Bill and Marsha Reese

Seniors pot luck and fellowship.

Meets second Sunday after second service.

Cell 205.629.9758   Email


Bradford Ballers - Eric McGuyer

Fantasy football group for those who love to get competitive with their friends.

Meeting times TBA

Cell 205.999.6015   Email


Bradford Bereans - David and Nikkie Posey

Sunday Morning Bible study.

Meets second service.

Cell 205.335.9291   Email


Coffee, Etc. - Nancy Sims

A "porch therapy" group of Ladies of all ages. We gather at my home to laugh, cry, and drink coffee together.

Meeting times TBA.

Cell 205.283.4343   Email


CQ Springville - Walter Butler

An amateur (HAM) radio connection group. Meetings are once a month in a standard "Net" format over a HAM radio.  

Cell 205.948.3959  Email  


Divorce Care and DC4K - Jackie Rhodes

A Divorce Care meets weekly for a 13 week program. Divorce Care for Kids (DC4K) is a safe, fun group for kids to help them heal.

Tuesday nights from 6-8

Cell 205.622.0744   Email


Fish and Loaves - Deloris Cox

Needs-based outreach to St. Clair residents.        

Meets third Thursday each month at 5:30 pm in the canvas building.

Cell 205.520.3360   Email


Iron Men - Rodney Davis

Men's bible study and fellowship.

Meets second and fourth Saturday mornings.

Cell 205.965.3493   Email


Journey - Rodney and Darcy Davis

Fellowship for 40 and 50 somethings.                

Meeting times TBA.

Cell 205.965.3493   Email


Entrusted Bible Study - Brenda Foshee and Cherie Gable

Bible Study for ladies.               

Meets every other Saturday at 8 am. 

Cell 205.901.4991   Email

Cell 205.965.3493   Email


Family First - Trey and Katie Massey, Chris and Connie Sides, Bobby and Tara Sims

A group for couples who need a group to socialize, study, and serve with. We meet twice a month. Once for social and once for study.           

Cell 205.296.0637  Email

Cell 205.401.0235   Email

Cell 205.335.9536   Email

K@BR Small Groups - Megan Duncan

Sunday mornings at 9:30 "Answers in Genesis". Wednesday nights at 6:30 "Royal Rangers and Mpact Girls".

Cell 205.810.8545 Email


Ladies Bible Study "I will Fight for You" - Joni Shankles

A study of the book of Exodus. Learn the story of God's plan to rescue, redeem, and restore the world through His Son Jesus.

Meets on Wednesday Nights in the hospitality room.       

Cell 205.527.3687 Email


Nursery Ministry - Trish Vincent

Love rocking a baby to sleep or watching a toddler discover Jesus? You are needed in the nursery.

Meeting on Sunday mornings and Wednesday Nights.    

Cell 205.937.1927 Email


Performance Ministry - Terese Coalson

A group for people looking to perform praise dance, human videos, skits, and more.

Meeting times TBA.        

Cell 205.296.6500 Email


Pray and Play - Emily Wren

A group for stay at home moms. We meet up together with our children for play time.

Meeting times TBA.          

Cell 205.369.0510 Email


The Middle - David and Nikkie Posey

A group for parents with kids in middle school or high school. 

Meeting time monthly.           

Cell 205.335.9291 Email


Thrive - Matthew Price

A group for young singles and college age.

Meeting times TBA.

Cell 205.362.1692 Email


RAAM Riders - Gurdis Roberts

Motorcycle riding group. Meeting times TBA.

Cell 205.296.6924   Email


W.I.L.D Women- Toni Franks

A Girl's Night Out group. Meeting times TBA.

Cell 205.567.5103   Email


Golden Girls - Darcy Davis

Monthly fellowship for single ladies fifty plus.

Cell 205.790.2947   Email


Special Needs Ministry - Angie Mills

Buddy up with children and adults with mental or physical disabilities during 2nd service.

Cell 205.612.4131   Email


First Impressions Ministry - Jared Echols

Designed to help people attending our Sunday services fell welcome, informed, and cared for.

Cell 205.296.3059   Email


Prayer Ministry - George Karadimos

Meets every Thursday night at 7:00.